5 thoughts on “Gearing up for Sochi #wordlesswednesday #bringit

  1. What a cool opportunity to meet an Olympic medalist! The University of Tennessee here in Knoxville in the past has hosted the US Olympic Swim Team giving them a place to practice. DD#2 was fortunate to meet several of the Olympian athletes, even a few Gold medalists. This past December UT was hosting something like this again. The local news was covering it, but I can’t recall now what it was. It seems like this is an annual event, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I would love to go see this and to photographic the swimmers. That would be super! Thanks for visiting and joining my WW linky party!

  2. First, thank you for linking up with me yesterday. I appreciated it!

    And how cool you’re there and you get to meet real olympians! That’s gonna be a memorable experience for sure. What events were you planning on watching this year?

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