$15 for $30 Worth of Crafts at Little Shop of Crafts

My children are both very creative and artistic, which is definitely something that I want to encourage.  There are times, however, when I’d prefer to do a huge messy painting project with the kidlets and have someone else clean up.

Better yet?  Have them make the entire mess somewhere other than at home 🙂

At either Little Shop of Crafts UES or UWS location, you and your kids can paint pottery, paint a plastercraft, bead a necklace, make a mosaic or stuff your very own stuffed animal. They even have special grown-ups only evenings (wine included!) if you’d rather get your craft on alone and leave your kids with a sitter 😉


Manhattan Mom Banned from Fairway Supermarket for Life

08.1n005.fairway1--300x450(picture from NYPost.com)

Schlepping around a supermarket pushing a stroller with one hand while balancing an overflowing shopping basket in the other is not an easy job.  Generally, using a shopping cart and a stroller at the same time is impossible (unless the store is near empty, populated only by child-sympathizers, the aisles are huge and you are graceful enough to simultaneously push and pull…)

I have been known to balance a couple of items on my diaper bag…or if I'm dealing with a watermelon or a gallon of water to stick it underneath my stroller–taking care to self-consciously announce to whomever is listening that I am stashing the items there just until checkout.