Strolling Through the City in a Joovy Ultralight Caboose (review)


It totally stinks to get the chance to try out a great baby product when your kids are too old for you to really enjoy it.

My kids are a little over 3 years apart and I really wish that I had known that a double stroller like the Joovy Caboose had existed.  While I doubt that I would’ve been convinced to forgo my side-by-side stroller for long walks across the park, a stroller like one would have been great for the bus/subway, for short jaunts and for travel.  It can even take an infant car seat as one of the seats, which is pretty handy.


Have Recalled or Unsafe Products at Home? Don’t Miss the Big Trade in Event!

Geoffrey It is hard enough to have a kid these days, what with all of the gear that seems to automatically come with them.  Add to that they stress of a constant flow of product recalls, and a well-meaning parent could really lose her mind!

Have the safety regulations that were in place when your first child was born completely changed now that you're about to have #2?

For once, a large conglomerate seems to have the consumers' back.