Wordless Wednesday: Armed and Dangerous

My husband took this picture of a kid sleeping in a store the other day and sent it to me…mostly because he knew that would get me all riled up and ranting about my dislike for toy weapons.
What do you think? Is this horrible or not such a big deal? (and yes, even this bleeding heart can find the humor in this picture as well 😉


Manhattan Mom Banned from Fairway Supermarket for Life

08.1n005.fairway1--300x450(picture from NYPost.com)

Schlepping around a supermarket pushing a stroller with one hand while balancing an overflowing shopping basket in the other is not an easy job.  Generally, using a shopping cart and a stroller at the same time is impossible (unless the store is near empty, populated only by child-sympathizers, the aisles are huge and you are graceful enough to simultaneously push and pull…)

I have been known to balance a couple of items on my diaper bag…or if I'm dealing with a watermelon or a gallon of water to stick it underneath my stroller–taking care to self-consciously announce to whomever is listening that I am stashing the items there just until checkout.


More than 2 Million Graco Strollers Recalled.

Graco has recalled their pre-2007  Quattro Tour and MetroLite strollers and travel systems (car seat and stroller combinations) because of reports that four children became trapped and died in the strollers between 2003-2005.

You may wonder, as I did: Are they a little slow on the uptake?  Last I checked, 2005 was 5 years ago!

According to an interview in the New York Times with Doug McGraw, the president of Graco, at the time of the deaths they decided to focus on educating consumers about strapping in their children instead of recalling the strollers "because of “a strong belief that when used properly with a safety harness, this is a fundamentally safe product.”