Winter Home Safety Challenge (alarm #giveaway !) #worryfreehome

Is your house or apartment as safe as it could or should be?

Are you doing all that you can to avoid fire and other hazards? I know that I, for one, know all of the things about which I am supposed to be careful…but sometimes life gets in the way and I am careless.

I am constantly leaving things plugged in and walking away, leaving cords strewn all over the place so that I trip over them later.  This is a problem in any season with my laptop, but now that it is cold and Flu season, I anticipate trouble with humidifier wires….plugs and spilling water are a definite no-no!  I am also guilty of lighting my Shabbat candles and either going to sleep or leaving the house, probably a big safety no-no. I am even guilty of wacking my smoke detector with a broom handle to make it stop beeping after I burn something…(admit it, you’ve done that!)