Finding time…

Before I had kids, a day seemed like a long period of time. I woke up in the morning (generally to the clangs of a really annoying alarm clock), went through the days to-do list and, at some point, 18 hours or so later went to bed.

Since kids, the alarm clock is no longer necessary (the deafening clangs are of the type that are emitted by 2 small people who clamor for breakfast and other attentions)…and after being pulled in 10 different directions,l an 18+ hour day never seems long enough.

Is the answer shorter to-do lists or longer days?





Which Parent Deserves to Sleep More…

Cold season has begun.

Throw into the mix the strange weather that we've been having in New York (75 degrees in late October!) and the germs are just flying back and forth between my 4 year old son and 18 month old daughter.

My daughter had a cold a couple of weeks ago, my son missed most of this week of school and then, last night, my daughter started coughing.

She basically needed to be held or comforted on and off all night.




I took the first really long shift, my husband took over for a bit in the middle and then I was up again.  I'm generally not complaining because I know my husband helps out more than most other dads that I know…but, man, I was so tired by morning that I couldn't feel my face. 


An apology…and a half-baked promise

I am not sure where my head has been lately…we moved apartments a few months ago, and since then, I haven't really had my &%^^&% together.

I have been sorely lapse in my posting–which includes a number of products that I have yet to review–and a bunch of new recipes to share. 

Somehow, between trying to organize my new, smaller, apartment and the full-time chasing around of an increasingly mobile 13 month old and her almost 4 yr old brother, my postings have fallen through the cracks.  The 140 character world of twitter has been beckoning me over to the dark side, and has swallowed up some of the time I should've have spend here.  It seems that, in my former life as a full-time teacher, pre-SAHMness, I actually had a ton more time on my hands?!