Visit Ancient History in NY (50% coupon)

Little known fact about me, before I was nutty enough to embark on my triple Masters degrees (no, I couldn’t just trade them in for a PhD…sigh), I double majored at NYU in Dramatic Literature (=reading plays) and Religious Studies (=comparative religion.)

What can I say…I like to read and do research.

One of the highlights of my undergrad work was the chance to take a class all about the Dead Sea Scrolls, an amazing bunch of ancient writings discovered by a shepherd in a  cave in a place called Qumran.

Generally housed in a museum in Israel, these scrolls have traveled across the world and are on display at Discovery Times Square .  Totally awesome.  They’ve even brought schlepped over a 3-ton stone from the Western Wall (Kotel) so that you can check that out too.