Dinosaur Train Pajamas and Free Valentines!


What is it about dinosaurs?  I have yet to meet a child who doesn't find them at least a little bit fascinating.  They sort of seem to fall into the category of mystical creatures like unicorns, except that the fact that they used to actually roam the earth makes them even cooler.

Unfortunately, for the sensitive child, most of the material out there about dinosaurs is pretty scary.  Dinosaur Train, which airs daily on PBS (check your local listings), fits the bill for those kids (or parents!) who would like to enjoy their dinosaurs without any blood, guts and gore. Parents' Choice Recommended series Dinosaur Train, which is perfect for children about 4 to 8 or 9, follows the Prehistoric adventures of Buddy (a T-rex) and his adopted gamily of Pteranodons. An added bonus for the fact loving student? Goofy segments featuring a guy who calls himself Dr. Scott the Paleontologist are chock full of live action lessons (though, in the interest of full disclosure, my son generally chooses to fast forward through those.)


Coloring pages for Mom (and the rest of the family)

There is something meditative and calming about coloring…so much so that it is often used in addiction and other therapies for both children and adults. 

Have you ever been coloring with your kids and found yourself taking charge of one or more of the crayons? I know I have ;)  

Amid some annoying advertisements, the site Color Pages for Mom has great free printable coloring pages (though I do kind of wish it was called Coloring Pages for Parents or something less gender specific!) Check out sister site Free Coloring Page Fun for more coloring printables for the rest of the family. 

Need an easy activity for a rainy day? Color, laminate and make some shiny new placemats!