Martin Luther King Day as Filtered Through the Mind of My 4.5 Year Old


Yup, that's my son's MLK crown.

King, get it?

At preschool pickup on Friday, kiddo was all full of information about not nice people who didn't want to share water fountains with everybody and the King who told them that they had to.  Could be worse, right?

Today, in the midst of a loooong day off from school, I tried to revisit the idea of who Martin Luther King was and why he's important.

Clearly that word 'King' was still the stand out because, a little while later, I found myself sitting in his room helping him make crowns for him and for his little sister…which he then wore on his March Around the Living Room.


Building Immunity? Bah…

Flu shots:Check.

Copious hand washing: Check.

Well balanced diet and appropriately warm clothing: Check Check.

Ah, the winter cycle has started…

My daughter was sick last week, she had 103+F fever with all of the fun symptoms of a full-body virus: coughing, sneezing, puking…you name it.  Just as her virus is winding down to sniffles, her big brother's fever is winding up–101.8F, as of this morning.

Besides being exahusted from lack of sleep, you know what really bugs me?  I totally knew this was coming.  If one gets sick, the other gets sick…and I'm probably next.


It can’t already be time to get ready for back to school!

Last year at this time, I was wrestling with the concept that my 3 year old who had been home with me full time since he was born would be going off to school for the first time–dropping him off somewhere, no matter how nurturing and cuddly, seemed like the end of the world for me.  Not knowing how my son would deal with his first separation, I read books with him about preschool–What to Expect in Preschool, The Kissing Hand, My First Day of Nursery School–we role played school, I bought him a new backpack (and filled with with stuff he didn't need)…and he adapted to a school schedule without a hitch.


Why Can’t My Preschool Apply Sunscreen?!

**Note: I have changed the title of this post from "My Preschool Won't Apply Sunscreen!" to "Why Can't My Preschool Apply Sunscreen?!" because the original title was taking away from my original intent which was to rail against the craziness that parents (and schools!) now have to deal with legal mumbo jumbo for simple things like preventing a child's sunburn.  It was never my intention to shine a spotlight on my particular preschool or to insinuate that the staff there is doing anything less than their best efforts to keep their students safe.  While I understand the need for stringent regulations such as these, I still absolutely hate the need for them.   It truly makes my head spin…**