Pocoyo Squeeze ‘n Play (review and giveaway)

My 2 1/2 year old daughter isn’t really all that familiar with the characters from Pocoyo or the show itself (currently on Nick JR., PBS and Univision) However, when she opened the box with this soft 9-inch tall guy inside and heard 3 different sounds he makes when you squeeze his tummy, she immediately declared him her new baby.

This little guy has found his way into a doll stroller, a doll bed and into my daughter’s high chair (it was time for his lunch.)

I love that my kidlet didn’t need to be familiar with the show to immediately make friends with Pocoyo himself. Imagine the reaction that a die-hard fan of the cartoon would have?

My one issue is that I really don’t love toys that make noise…particularly toys that don’t have volume control. Thankfully, my daughter is more into toting Pocoyo around than actually squeezing him…though she does enjoy his little giggle.

The lovely folks at Bandai are providing one Squeeze ‘n Play Plush to a lucky winner!

He is perfect for all kids 18 months and up and retails for $19.99


Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day with Pocoyo on January 8th! (Giveaway)

You're probably asking yourself, "Who is Pocoyo? and Why do I want him in my bath?!

Pocoyo Bath Figures

Pocoyo, which means 'Little Me' in Spanish, is a TV series that follows the adventures of a 3-year-old Pocoyo and his sidekicks Elly (an Elephant), Pato (a duck) and Loula (a dog.)  As one might expect, Pocoyo does all kind of silly stuff and dances around quite a lot, talking to both himself and to the narrator (the English version is narrated by Stephen Fry.)

Pocoyo became so popular worldwide that he expanded into a whole online virtual extravaganza chock full of games, webisodes and more which was given a 4 star review by Common Sense Media.  No wonder the little guy has such a big head!