My Pain is Your Gain: Nursery Swab Test Results and Diaper Genie II Elite Giveaway!

I must tell you, I suffered some serious ageda between the time that I send off my germ swabs to Dr. Tanner and the time that I received my results.  Basically, instead of my children drifting off to sleep counting sheep (does anyone really do that?) I had a passing image of them counting bacteria instead…(they actually do kind of look like fuzzy little creatures,don’t they…)

Shocker of all shockers, in spite of the fact that I choose to spend time with my children and cook yummy food rather than obsessively clean, the results weren’t too bad 🙂

There were absolutely NO Enteric or E. Coli bacteria, and an underwhelming number of garden variety germs on the swabs.


Testing for Germs in the Nursery (Do I Really Want to Know?)

Have you ever wondered how many insidious germs are lurking in your apartment?

Quite honestly, I have never been that interested to find out. 

While I'd like to think that my home is pretty clean, there are four people (including two adorable and germy children) living busy lives nestled amongst a whole lot of clutter in my apartment.

Sure, I clean up messes.  If something spills, I mop it up. If someone sprinkles raisins all over my living room, I vaccuum.  I am constantly wiping counter tops and sweeping up crumbs.

But no, I would not classify my apartment at spotless…by a long shot.

My family and their clothes are clean.  Noses get wiped, hands get washed and shoes get removed and left at the door.


Applying for Kindergarten gives me agita…

And I thought applying for Nursery School was bad!

In order to apply to a private school for Kindergarten, you must first sacrifice at least one tree.  The paper part of this process includes-test scores, recommendations, essays, application fee and some other odds and ends (more if you are also filling out a financial aid packet).  Then there is the added joy of the school tour, child's playgroup, parent interview…

When, why and how did this process get so ridiculously complicated?!

Is this a New York problem or has this lunacy taken over?

Perhaps I'll move to a commune 😉

Why Can’t My Preschool Apply Sunscreen?!

**Note: I have changed the title of this post from "My Preschool Won't Apply Sunscreen!" to "Why Can't My Preschool Apply Sunscreen?!" because the original title was taking away from my original intent which was to rail against the craziness that parents (and schools!) now have to deal with legal mumbo jumbo for simple things like preventing a child's sunburn.  It was never my intention to shine a spotlight on my particular preschool or to insinuate that the staff there is doing anything less than their best efforts to keep their students safe.  While I understand the need for stringent regulations such as these, I still absolutely hate the need for them.   It truly makes my head spin…**