Wordless Wednesday: Digging for Dinosaurs

This Sunday, my family had the opportunity to experience Field Station Dinosaurs courtesy of MamaDrama Consulting . A full review is coming, but one of the highlights for my kids was getting to take pretend to be archaelogists and take part in a pretend dinosaur dig. Awesome.







Catch The Flying Latke at the Flea Theater (review and discount code)

“Uuuummmmm…..Mommy,  Latkes don’t fly! Why would they do that?”

So started my subway ride downtown with my super-curious, constantly questioning 5 year old. As the train rumbled on, I must’ve heard 17 versions of that question (statement?)…

Well, it turns out that sometimes they do.

Adapted by Arthur Yorinks from his children’s book,  “The Flying Latke” is the story of a chaotic family celebration of the first night of  Hanukkah.  After a disagreement between cousins, a food fight ensues and a latke (potato pancake traditionally made for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah) flies out the window  and is mistaken for a UFO, sending the world into a panic and trapping the Silversteins in the house for 8 days with nothing but a never-ending supply of latkes to eat.


Mama’s Night Out: Transport Group’s New Musical Queen of the Mist (Discount Code)

With all the expenses involved in getting out for an evening, it is a rarity that I leave the house after dark.

I was pretty excited when MamaDrama offered me the opportunity to see Maid of the Mist, a new musical written in its entirety by 5-time Tony nominee Michael John LaChiusa.


I must admit, when I heard that the play was about Anna Edson Taylor,a 63-year-old woman in 1901 who shot down Niagara Falls in a barrel, I snorted aloud.  Then guffawed.  Then opted to take the tickets anyway, assuming the show would be nothing more than a laugh.