Massive Mattel/Fisher-Price Recall–Toys & Baby Gear

Four recalls at once?! Supposedly, Fisher-Price, along with the CPSC, made the decision to announce all of these recalls at once in order to make it easier on parents so they "would hear the news one time and be able to visit our website one time to respond to all of these recalls." 

Recalled products include tricycles, infant toys with inflatable balls, some Little People toys as well as highchairs adding another four recalls to an almost 20 Fisher Price recalls in the last five years :0

Though, if you have the recalled products, you should definitely get your replacement parts, none of it seems to be a cause for major panic.  I've summarized each recall for your reading pleasure along with the list of recalled products.  Check out their website periodically over the next few days, because they seem to keep adding more lot numbers.