Time to Fall Back…Don’t Forget to Change ALL of Your Clocks!

I remember when the idea of getting to go to bed an hour later and ‘getting that hour back was super exciting…back in the pre-children days when I could also sleep as late as I wanted on a Sunday morning.

Now, all I can think is “Ugh, I really hope my kids don’t both wake me up at 4 or 5 am!”  On the bright side, though, they could really do that any other day for no apparent reason…so at least if they do it tomorrow morning, I can blame it on the clocks 😉


Springing Forward: Adventures in Daylight Savings


If you're in an area that observes Daylight Savings:Do not forget to change your clocks!  These days, with automatically changing clocks on cable boxes, computers and cellphones, it's even more confusing if you forget to readjust your watch (microwave, oven, wall clocks, alarm clocks–make sure you get them all!)

I still don't really get daylight savings time, and I never got a real handle on when I was getting an 'extra' hour of sleep and when I was losing one. 

As a kid, it seemed like so much fun to have those loooong Spring and Summer days…now, as a parent, they just seem endless.  Am I alone in preferring the shorter days of Winter?