I Threw a Healthier Candy Office Party with Get Unreal! #GetUnreal

Is there such a thing as healthy candy?

Though nobody is suggesting that you replace broccoli with chocolate and nougat, there are a whole lot of chemicals and other garbage being mixed into most commercially available candy. Take out the hydrogenated oils, GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives and a whole lot of the sugar and you have a significantly less bad for you product.

And, as with many smart ideas, it came from the mind of a kid. A 13 year old asked a question, his grownups took him seriously and UNREAL candy was born.

When my box of candy arrived in the mail, I very responsibly tasted each and every kind to make sure that I was happy serving it to my guests. After tasting, I almost decided that I wasn’t going to share 😉


A peek Into My Kitchen:Max Brenner’s Hot Chocolate

I must admit, I am not a chocolate person.  In fact, I am many people's favorite person with whom to share one of those big black and white cookies, because I am only interested in the white part.

Hot chocolate, on the other hand, falls into a completely different category.

If the weather is cold, I find myself constantly craving it…though it may actually be more about the whipped cream and marshmallows that accompany it than about the drink itself.

I just came upon this recipe for Chocolate guru Max Brenner's Hot Chocolate, and I will definitely be giving it a try!

Max Brenner's Hot Chocolate



Chocolate cough syrup?

If you've been following, my 3 1/2 year old son, who was diagnosed with asthma after being hospitalized a couple of times for terrible wheezing.  He now regularly sees a pulmonologist who has him on a whole coterie of meds–Flovent, Zyrtec, Albuterol on an as-needed basis and, since the last visit, Singulair as well. 

In spite of all the meds, every time he comes down with a cold (have you ever seen a kid in nursery school go for more than a week or two without a runny nose?!), he ends up with a terrible, persistent, cough that last for weeks at a time.  Thankfully, so far this season we've avoided wheezing or any hospitalization…but I would love to be able to offer him something besides (or in addition to) Albuterol to quiet his cough…I have definite moments during which I am jealous of parents who had their kids before all cold and cough medicines were taken off the table!