Repurposing tainted eggs?!

Need another reason to avoid processed foods?

According to NBC, The Iowa company which is responsible for the massive egg recall has announced that they will be pasteurizing them, turning them into 'liquid eggs' and using them in a variety of products.

The FDA insists that this is perfectly safe, and I assume that it is…if the companies in question actually do a  thorough job pasteurizing them.

I just can't get past the ick factor on this one.

Do you need to toss the eggs in your fridge? Details of the ongoing egg recall

As you may have heard, there has been a massive, ongoing egg recall.

For your panicking pleasure, here are the latest details from the FDA:

Shell Eggs Recall Product List

How can I tell if my eggs have been recalled?

Playing it Safe with Eggs

Basically, you should check your fridge for the recalled companies and lot numbers.

You should also cook eggs thoroughly (particularly for your kids!) and and wash your hands after before and after handling eggs (though, you should really do that whenever you are handling food.)

Oh, and buy organic and all-natural eggs doesn't hurt–the recall doesn't seem to be affecting those companies.