A peek Into My Kitchen:Favorite Banana Bread

Years ago, I was wandering around the cookbook section of one bookstore or another and I came across a book called Comfort Foods by Rita M. Harris . Some of the recipes are totally useless to me (you know when you are silly enough to buy a cookbook for a favorite recipe or two?) but one stands out in particular. With a couple of changes, the recipe for Banana Cake is the absolute best that I have ever come across. Bake it in a large pyrex, or two small ones, and it’s banana bread. Bake it in two round cake pans and frost it, and it’s good enough to be a cake.


1st Birthday Part II: Storybook Doll cake pan and lots of Buttercream Icing


Another year, another decorated cake 🙂 My husband can't wrap his head around why these cakes tend to take on such an importance in my mind…particularly a cake that my 1 year old wasn't even going to get to eat!

This pan is actually the Storybook Doll pan that my mom used for my first birthday party, so it was even cooler to make.

The cake recipe is the one from the Gluten-free cupcakes that I posted
last week, only with cake flour replacing the gluten free flour mix and
real eggs.  The recipe makes just the right amount for the cake pan or
two round layers–no need to double.

Simple Buttercream Frosting (I had to double this for this design)


Happy Birthday Baby! Wheat, Nut and Egg Free Birthday Cupcakes

My daughter has not exhibited any allergies, but, with  nut and fish allergic older brother, I see no reason to rush into any potential allergens, such as wheat or eggs.  I will probably introduce egg yolks and then whites to my little one in the next few weeks, but, until then, this birthday cake will have to do.

This recipe turned out even better than I had hoped.  Basically, I experimented a little bit with some alternative flours, settling on a flour mix which I based on a few different sources including the Land O Lakes website and Rebecca Reilly's  Gluten-Free Baking.