Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day with Pocoyo on January 8th! (Giveaway)

You're probably asking yourself, "Who is Pocoyo? and Why do I want him in my bath?!

Pocoyo Bath Figures

Pocoyo, which means 'Little Me' in Spanish, is a TV series that follows the adventures of a 3-year-old Pocoyo and his sidekicks Elly (an Elephant), Pato (a duck) and Loula (a dog.)  As one might expect, Pocoyo does all kind of silly stuff and dances around quite a lot, talking to both himself and to the narrator (the English version is narrated by Stephen Fry.)

Pocoyo became so popular worldwide that he expanded into a whole online virtual extravaganza chock full of games, webisodes and more which was given a 4 star review by Common Sense Media.  No wonder the little guy has such a big head!