Erupting Volcano Birthday Cake!

My son turned 6 on Friday. How on earth is that even possible?

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have a thing for themed birthday parties…and that I try (in a somewhat obsessive way) to make cakes that go along with the theme. So, when I planned a science birthday party for my kiddo, I scratched my head for a while to think of a cake with a science theme…and, in a Eureka moment, realized that I just HAD to make an erupting volcano. In a seriously funny coincidence, when I started googling to figure out exactly how I was going to accomplish this ridiculous feat of cake, I came up with a post by my good friend Sheri Gurock about her own Erupting Volcano Cake experience from 5 years ago and discovered that we had even both hired Mad Science to entertain the kids–even though we are in different states!


1st Birthday Part II: Storybook Doll cake pan and lots of Buttercream Icing


Another year, another decorated cake 🙂 My husband can't wrap his head around why these cakes tend to take on such an importance in my mind…particularly a cake that my 1 year old wasn't even going to get to eat!

This pan is actually the Storybook Doll pan that my mom used for my first birthday party, so it was even cooler to make.

The cake recipe is the one from the Gluten-free cupcakes that I posted
last week, only with cake flour replacing the gluten free flour mix and
real eggs.  The recipe makes just the right amount for the cake pan or
two round layers–no need to double.

Simple Buttercream Frosting (I had to double this for this design)


A peek Into My Kitchen: Icing Elmo

So, yesterday it was my son’s 2nd birthday and we had a pretty great party. We rented a room at DramaZone (the venue at which we are currently holding our classes) and I ordered a ton of Elmo Plates and assorted sundries pretty reasonably priced from the Oriental Trading Company. We had my son’s Music Together teacher, Danny, come to entertain the restless natives for a bit…many mini bagels and other finger foods were consumed by all–and then it was time for the piece de resistance–the Elmo cake that I had been icing at 3am the night before instead of getting some much-needed beauty sleep.