A peek Into My Kitchen: Rainbow Penne

With 2 hungry kids, one hungry husband and not enough time in the day, I am a sucker for one dish wonders. If I can get all of the parts of my balanced meal into one pot, one pan and one easily served dinner than I am one happy mama.

I threw this together last night at the last minute…when I discovered that we wouldn’t be going out for dinner after all and it was a big hit. You could totally change up the veggies depending on season, what you have in the house or on the particularly pickiness/allergies of the members of your family.

Rainbow Penne

I box whole wheat or multi-grain Penne

2 Tbsp olive oil


Which Parent Deserves to Sleep More…

Cold season has begun.

Throw into the mix the strange weather that we've been having in New York (75 degrees in late October!) and the germs are just flying back and forth between my 4 year old son and 18 month old daughter.

My daughter had a cold a couple of weeks ago, my son missed most of this week of school and then, last night, my daughter started coughing.

She basically needed to be held or comforted on and off all night.




I took the first really long shift, my husband took over for a bit in the middle and then I was up again.  I'm generally not complaining because I know my husband helps out more than most other dads that I know…but, man, I was so tired by morning that I couldn't feel my face. 


CPSC & FDA Warn Against Sleep Positioners

Why did anybody ever think that these were a good idea?!

When did parents get so neurotic about keeping their children sleeping on their backs that they began to resort to what basically amounts to a vise?  Yes, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting babies to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS, but the risk is considered much less great once babies are able to roll over on their own steam.  If you have one of these ridiculous items, please toss it right away and do not look back!


CPSC and the FDA are warning parents and child care providers to:


  • STOP
    using sleep positioners. Using a positioner to hold an infant on his or
    her back or side for sleep is dangerous and unnecessary.

Similac Infant Formula Recalled due to Beetle infestation

Abbot Laboratories, the makers of Similac infant Formula, have announced a voluntary recall of about 5 million containers of their powder formula.  The reason? Brace yourself.

You know how people always make those dumb cracks about kids who eat bugs getting extra protein?

Pieces of beetles and beetle larvae were found both in the formula and in the plant that produces the formula. Ewwwww.

According the the FDA, there should be "no immediate health risk" to babies who have consumed this formula, but could experience symptoms of "gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract." 


A peek Into My Kitchen: Honeyed Carrots

Honey is traditionally served as part of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) meals–as a dip for challah bread and apples as well as incorporated into a variety of dishes.

These carrots are super easy and make a great kid-friendly vegetable. How can you go wrong with adding syrupy sweet honey to an already sweet vegetable like carrots?!

Want to make it even for fun?  Go to your local farmers market and get a variety of different colored carrots–I like to make mine with a mix of purple, white and orange carrots.

You can also puree them for your young toddler so that they can join in the carroty-goodness.

Note: Do not serve honey to a baby under 1 year old!


Letting baby cry it out causes brain damage?

My 3.5 year old took forever (or what seemed like forever) to sleep through the night, and an eon longer than that to start going to sleep without being held or having his back patted. Once we finally had him on track, he was hospitalized for his asthma, which sent us back to square one.

My 1 yr old hates to sleep. She is so super alert all of the time that it is near impossible to get her to sleep during the day or at night…in fact, we have all but resigned ourselves to letter her nurse, be rocked or pushed in the stroller until one of those 3 no longer works.  I'm a big believer in the methods of The Baby Whisperer (Tracy Hogg) but, with a second child and no nanny I've been more going with the flow out of necessity this time around.