American Academy of Pediatrics Swoops in to Protect Parents from Formula and Magnets

Let it be said  from the outset that I think breastfeeding is wonderful and that I do not believe that you should let your baby ingest magnets of any kind.

I do find the juxtaposition of the two announcements from the AAP somewhat amusing, though.

The resolution about formula is bound to bring out another round of the Mommy Wars–rabidly pro-breastfeeding/anti-formula, rabidly pro-formula and all the people who just want to live and let live:

WHEREAS, breastfeeding is the normal, physiologic way to feed newborn infants; and
WHEREAS, not breastfeeding increases the risk of adverse health outcomes in mothers and their infants; and
WHEREAS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Surgeon General have stated strongly and clearly that patients must be protected from commercial infant formula marketing


Springing Forward: Adventures in Daylight Savings


If you're in an area that observes Daylight Savings:Do not forget to change your clocks!  These days, with automatically changing clocks on cable boxes, computers and cellphones, it's even more confusing if you forget to readjust your watch (microwave, oven, wall clocks, alarm clocks–make sure you get them all!)

I still don't really get daylight savings time, and I never got a real handle on when I was getting an 'extra' hour of sleep and when I was losing one. 

As a kid, it seemed like so much fun to have those loooong Spring and Summer days…now, as a parent, they just seem endless.  Am I alone in preferring the shorter days of Winter?