A Well-Stocked Medicine Cabinet with UrgentRX #MyUrgentRX #cbias #socialfabric

I have always been known as someone who is prepared for everything. In elementary school, I constantly carried around a purse everywhere I went with staples such as bandages, lip balm and the like. As a mom, I have diaper bag (even though my kids are out of diapers) stocked with a first aid kit, allergy medicines for my allergic son, toys, snacks, wipes and all kinds of other crazy little items that might come in handy. When we travel, we need another suitcase just for all of the ‘just in case’ medical stuff that I bring along. And, of course, there are few things missing from my home medicine cabinets.

Aspirin and heart health are one of those things that I don’t often contemplate. At 35, I am still pretty young and I live in a home with young children. I know that my father and my grandfather take Aspirin on a daily basis to maintain their heart health–and that it is doctor recommended as an important daily preventative for all sorts of cardiac problems and is often the first thing recommended to someone who suspects that they may be having a heart attack.

UrgentRX display

UrgentRX has made maintaining heart health even easier with their aspirin-based Critical Care, available over the counter in cute little powder packets that can be tucked into a zippered compartment in one of my many travel bags. Because the medicine is in powder form, it enters the bloodstream that much more quickly than pills or capsules. Though I can’t vouch for the taste, no water is required to take the powders and it is fruit flavored.

The UrgentRx child proof packaging can be opened by reading the instructions on the back panel. All you need to do is cut with scissors along the dotted line or tear at the arrow (because, admit it, you probably don’t generally have a scissors in your bags!)

UrgentRX is available in a variety of formulas for a variety of ailments:

  • Head Ache Relief
  • Heart Burn Relief
  • Allergy Attack Relief
  • Upset Stomach Relief
  • Ache and Pain Relief
  • Critical Care Aspirin

A variety of UrgentRX packets will definitely be making it into my diaper bag and travel bag!
Note: The Critical Care is 325mg of aspirin, the Head Ache & Pain is 325mg of aspirin and 30mg of caffeine. None of the other formulas contain aspirin. Please check package information for possible drug interactions.

To see my scavenger hunt with my daughter for UrgentRX (hint: It was on the pharmacy counter, which is next to the back door of my neighborhood Duane Reade), check out my Google+ album .

**Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® . and #MyUrgentRX #cbias #SocialFabric . I am not a doctor, nor do I play on tv. Please check with your doctor to determine your best possible treatment options. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. It’s always good to be prepared especially when we’ve got little kids around. That proved right for us last week when my 1,5 years old daughter took a stumble and bit her lip. First aid kit was on hand so things got less messier 🙂


    • So true. I’d rather have tired shoulders from schlepping extra stuff around for that one time in ten when I actually need it 😉

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