Glue Dots Summer Bonding Project–Collage, Collage & More Collage!

I think I have a genetic predisposition to harbor school supplies of all sorts. Look in my closet, my mom' s or my grandmothers and you will find a wide array of clips, pens, paper…the list goes on.  Glue dots were a new one for me, though…and they will definitely be earning a place in my supply drawer!

Since I bought my 4 year old his first glue stick a couple of years ago (actually, a twin pack, natch) he has been hooked on the idea of gluing stuff together.  He is such a prolific collage-maker, that everywhere you turn in my apartment you may very well bump into one of his 'projects.'

Sometimes, his projects involved 3D materials–feathers, pom poms, beads or just lots and lots of crushed up paper.  Unfortunately, glue sticks no longer
 cut it and white glue gets all over the place (have you ever seen a kid apply a river of glue to try to get a tiny bead to stick? it ain't pretty…)  Enter glue dots!

These little sticky gobs of magic make it possible for my son to peel and stick without all of the goo which usually accompanies all of his gluing.

Mysterio sees a summer full of oodles of collages.  Leaves from the park? Collage.  Seashells from the beach? Collage.  Outgrown and stained t-shirt? Collage.  Cardboard box? Collage house or puppet theater.  Too many junk mail catalogs? Collage.

You get the picture :)  Does anybody need any artwork for their refrigerator?  Mine is all full!

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