Help Malnourished Children with Vitamin Angels

How many Facebook pages do you 'like' each day for no other reason than a computer generated screen prompt?  Here's a chance to possibly do some good with just another mouse click…it costs nothing, there's nothing to sign up for and you don't even need to read anything!

VivaPrime, a holistic nutritional supplement company, has partnered with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to
providing basic nutrition and fighting vitamin A deficiency childhood
blindness around the world since 1994.

In a symbiotic social media campaign, VivaPrime has pledged to donate
$.25 to Vitamin Angels for each person that “Likes” the VivaPrime
and to donate a portion of each sale of their products to Vitamin Angels.  VivaPrime gets exposure for their products and lots of warm and fuzzy feelings surrounding their company, which may result in more sales which will mean more money for Vitamin Angels.

Basically, for no cost to you, you can 'like' VivaPrime's Facebook page and help malnourished children.  Nothing to lose. 

**I have not tried, nor do I personally endorse, VivaPrime products.  The only thing that I am actively endorsing in this post is the chance to help provide children around the world with basic nutrients.**