Astroturf and Zit Cream are Tax Sheltered. Breast Feeding Supplies are not.

Scary that the IRS gets to decide what is considered 'preventive care.'

It was reported in the New York Times today that breastfeeding supplies will still not be eligible purchases under flexible spending accounts. 

To make matters worse, a whole host of more esoteric things will be covered–like the replacement of natural grass with astroturf as a way to alleviate the suffering of allergic folk.  Oh, yes, and zit cream is considered a more worthy expense as well.


Uhm, I would like to suggest that this new disclaimer should be included in the fine print in those annoying tv and print ads:

The government strongly suggest that you breast feed your baby because 'breast is best.' The government will not, however, take any steps to ease your financial burden while doing so. Please feel horribly guilty if you cannot afford your breastpump, and know that you are doing your newborn baby a great disservice.

What do you think?