Which Parent Deserves to Sleep More…

Cold season has begun.

Throw into the mix the strange weather that we've been having in New York (75 degrees in late October!) and the germs are just flying back and forth between my 4 year old son and 18 month old daughter.

My daughter had a cold a couple of weeks ago, my son missed most of this week of school and then, last night, my daughter started coughing.

She basically needed to be held or comforted on and off all night.




I took the first really long shift, my husband took over for a bit in the middle and then I was up again.  I'm generally not complaining because I know my husband helps out more than most other dads that I know…but, man, I was so tired by morning that I couldn't feel my face. 

Which led to a bleary-eyed debate in the morning–who is in bigger trouble going through the day on no sleep: SAHM or 9-5 Graphic Designer?


3 thoughts on “Which Parent Deserves to Sleep More…

  1. Ok,so I failed to mention that my husband had an important presentation at an Ivy League University the next day…and now I am in the doghouse in a big way. That said, even with an uber-helpful husband, I still think that this debate has merit…
    Husband–care to comment?

  2. Well some dads always make the “I have to go to work” excuse not to help but what about the SAHM’s who do not have help when dads go to work?
    Does being a SAHM mean we have to be able to properly care for the children when we have had no sleep during the nigh?
    Are we expected to be able to function when we have sleepless children and have been lacking sleep ourselves?
    Is being a SAHM not a full time job itself?
    Yes husbands need to be able to function at work and they need their sleep too but what happens when you have had all of your kids sick one after the other and you have been staying up every night with them for several days?
    Dads I say compromise and give the mom a decent night sleep. WE DESERVE IT TOO.
    But equally important: Moms if dad has an extraordinary important day at work try to “suck it up” one more night and let him stay up the following night.

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