Narrowing Down the Summer Camp Choices…

I guess it’s the way of the world these days…snowsuits sell out in July, bathing suits go on sale in January and the push to choose a Summer camp for next summer starts even before the current Summer’s session ends.  Ridiculous though it may be, slots already seem to be disappearing in some of the more popular programs around here. Complete insanity!

How is a neurotic, overeducated parent supposed to choose from the 12,000 plus programs out there?!

Some tips from Claire Haas, vice president of education for Kiddie Academy, an educationally focused child care provider with locations across the US:

·      Consider your childcare facility. You may not need to look any further than your current childcare facility for a summer camp program that combines the fun outdoor activities and adventure experiences of a typical camp program with quality academic instruction.  And, as a bonus, many of these programs provide the extended hours that busy two-working-parent families need.  Childcare-based programs are also a good choice if you have more than one child, since they typically accept more than one age group.
·      Focus on your child’s interests. Put your child’s interests before convenience. If the camp you choose is not a good match for your child’s interests and aptitudes, then you are heading for a summer-long battle.

·      Make it fun. While you may not be on vacation, your children are.  The summer camp program you choose should include a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities that give your children a chance to build confidence, explore their abilities, make new friends, learn new skills and just have fun.

Sounds so nice and simple, right? So why am I still here, googling frantically and giving myself agita without having made a choice? Clearly I have commitment issues 😉

I am currently debating between a neighborhood camp that goes from 9-3 and which my son loved last summer (and which will require no busing), the ‘next level’ of that camp which requires a bus ride out of town and is a much longer day and a third option which also requires a bus and is a little off the beaten track.  Why on earth does this all have to be so freaking complicated?!

  • I am currently working with Kiddie Academy to get the word out about their education-based childcare.  Their proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum, supporting programs, methods, activities and techniques help prepare children for life.  Visit the KA Family Essentials blog for more.


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    • It’s a farm to table camp in New Jersey…lots of gardening and cooking. Trying to find out more and possible a visit to the campus 🙂

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