Wordless Wednesday: Armed and Dangerous

My husband took this picture of a kid sleeping in a store the other day and sent it to me…mostly because he knew that would get me all riled up and ranting about my dislike for toy weapons.
What do you think? Is this horrible or not such a big deal? (and yes, even this bleeding heart can find the humor in this picture as well 😉


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Armed and Dangerous

  1. I used to disapprove of guns.
    Then i realized, form watching my son, that it is not only normal, but necessary. They have an aggressive instinct and I do not believe instincts hsould be squashed. Controlled, yes.

    • Hmm…I don’t believe in weapons as toys for boys or for girls. Why, though, are there so many people who think that they are such a necessity for little boys? Are girls completely free of aggressive tendencies and do all boys have them? Seems unlikely…

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