Craft Project: Peekaboo Shaker

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This year, the Jewish holiday of Purim takes place Sunday, March 20th.  Hamentaschen, costumes and noisemakers (also called graggers or raashanim) are all huge parts of the festivities for all of the kids.
This noisemaker is an easy project to do with even a young toddler…and you don't even need Purim as an excuse (what kidlet wouldn't like to me his or her own shaker?!)
Tools needed:
1.plastic water bottle, Parmesan cheese shaker or other small plastic container with a top–washed well and dried thoroughly
2.a handful of Buttons, beads, beans, rice bells, pasta shapes or other small, hard objects that will make noise when you shake the noisemaker
3. A handful of other small objects that are just fun and cool to look at: pom poms, feathers, bent pipe cleaners, styrofoam peanuts, googly eyes, confetti, loose glitter etc.
4. Stickers & markers (window crayons work well for this!) to decorate the outside of the container
5. Gorilla Glue or Crazy Glue

Help your child fill the container with a combination of noisy and cool objects–making sure not to stuff it so full that you don't hear any noise.  Make sure to watch that all of the doodads make it into the project and not into your kiddos mouth!
Using the super strong glue, glue on the top of your container so that all chokable objects are safely contained.
Let your child decorate the outside of the shaker as much or as little as they like.
Tada! You have the coolest shaker in town!

I made one of these babies with my 23 month old this morning and the project kept her busy for a good 1/2 hour–which in tiny tot time is like 3 hours big person time 🙂 She had a great time choosing each object and stuffing them into the bottle–though she needed some help getting it all in.  I actually waited for her to finish the entire project and glued down the top for her during her naptime. It was so cute how super excited she was to bring it with her to show her 4.5 year old brother when we went to pick him up from preschool!

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  1. I’ve seen these in the store, thanks for the instructions to make one! They’d make great church bag toys!!
    Stopping by to return the follow!! Happy Wednesday!

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