Raising your child without disclosing gender?!

I love when other writers/bloggers draw my attention to interesting things that I would probably never have come across on my own wanderings of the world and web.
Debra Nussbaum Cohen, in an article in the online incarnation of the Jewish Daily Forward, writes about a couple in Sweden who have chosen to raise their child without revealing his/her gender
As a former student of drama and perfomance studies, I find myself morbidly transfixed by this story.  How will life unfold for this child who has deliberately been denied a gender identity?
Though I definitely think that so much of the gender nonsense that we impose onto our children is societal construct (Why can't my son wear the Dora swim diapers that he prefers?! He is no less of a boy because he has worn a pink Dora Pull-Up), it seems really strange to me to refuse to give your child a gender-identity at all.  Is this the urge to avoid pink/blue stereo-typing taken to a whole new sick level?

I feel a little bit guilty that I'm so curious to hear how this kid turns out…kind of like watching a train wreck (or a bad reality show 😉

How does potty training work like this? and the inevitable questions about body parts?are mommy and daddy genderless as well?

I just don't get it.

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  1. That is sad. Good parents have their kids taken away from them for ridiculous claims and these parents get to make their child a science project. Typical of today’s world though.

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