The Greening of Whitney Brown–Walking the Red Carpet with Moms in the City!

Last Monday, November 7th, I was lucky enough to be one of a few bloggers strutting my way down the red carpet with the super cool ladies from Moms in the City .

It was a pretty amazing evening from start to finish! My husband, Rafi, and I hardly get a chance to go out anymore…so we were already pretty psyched to be getting dressed up and out of the house after dark 🙂

Truth is, my evening started in typical mommy multi-tasking mode…though I needed to get to the red carpet at the theater at 6 pm sharp, I actually had to take my 5 year old to his Music Together Big Kids class first at 4pm….and be there to sit with him for the family time at the end of class and to pick him up exactly 45 minutes later. Wearing my usual jeans and a t-shirt, I dropped my kiddo off at class, them ran home to get dolled up for the red carpet…and hopped on a bus 20 minutes later to make it back to music on time so as not to disappoint my son. If you’ve never run onto a city bus and sat on a carpet in a kids’ music class in a vintage cocktail dress and 3.5 inch heels…I beg you to try it, at least once 😉 Deep breath.

Here I am, on the red carpet with: Jennifer Wagner. Denise Albert, Shari Von Holten, Dagmar Bleasdale, Melissa Gerstein, Tiffany Casanova, ME! and Lucinda Cross.


Here’s the proof that my husband and I were out of the house at the same time!


Perfecting my starlet pose…


Bob the horse and his handler outside the theater


Bob did not enjoy the red carpet experience as much as I did


Me & Anna Colwell (in the most amazing sparkly dress that I have ever seen!)


Gak! I have no idea where to stash my coat…


Few things make my husband happier than large amounts of free movie theater popcorn


Ok, I was pretty happy about it as well.


I have no idea what I was doing or thinking here, but it amuses me to no end


At the after party at the Empire Hotel with adorable star of the movie Sammi Hanratty


Me & Aidan Quinn


Chatting with Brooke Shields (Did you know that she only does projects that are appropriate for her young daughters to watch? She was also quite impressed with my husband for being secure enough to stand there holding my purse 🙂


I also bumped into fellow blogger Jill Seiman. Always nice to see people in real life whom I generally only chat with virtually 🙂

Sammi Hanratty signed a poster of Bob, the horse. My kids were over the moon! Celebrity means nothing to them, but a picture of a horse? Who’s a cool mommy now? 😉


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