Etiquette classes for kids?!


Did you know that there are companies that will purportedly teach your child manners?  I could've sworn that making sure kids know how to say please/thank you, how to sit and eat at a table and other social niceities was actually included in the parental job description!

I seem to remember my parents threatening during my angsty pre-teen years that they would send me to such a program…but it sounded more like an empty threat than an actual slice of reality.

I understand that many parents are getting busier and busier and often don't have a tremendous amount of time to spend with their offspring, but…farming out the teaching of manners to someone else just seems rather uncouth.

If you think that I'm totally wrong, and you'd like to give it a try, check out new company Socialsklz

(Not to be rude, but isn't proper spelling also considered to be something of a social nicety? 😉




2 thoughts on “Etiquette classes for kids?!

  1. I wish these classes had been around when my teenager was a child. She acts as if manners are a disease!
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