Springing Forward: Adventures in Daylight Savings


If you're in an area that observes Daylight Savings:Do not forget to change your clocks!  These days, with automatically changing clocks on cable boxes, computers and cellphones, it's even more confusing if you forget to readjust your watch (microwave, oven, wall clocks, alarm clocks–make sure you get them all!)

I still don't really get daylight savings time, and I never got a real handle on when I was getting an 'extra' hour of sleep and when I was losing one. 

As a kid, it seemed like so much fun to have those loooong Spring and Summer days…now, as a parent, they just seem endless.  Am I alone in preferring the shorter days of Winter? 

Of course, the immediate daylight savings problem is trying not to let my children's sleep schedules get too messed up. (Why is it that every time my daughter starts sleeping on some sort of schedule, something comes along to screw it up?!)

I just have to laugh at all of the advice from the 'sleep experts' who suggest adjusting your children's bedtimes and naptimes in 15 minute increments over the course of about a week leading up to the time change…I congratulate anyone who has the forethought to do this, and I would very much like to know your secret!

Around here, we will be winging it and attempting to run the kidlets ragged tomorrow just enough to make them fall asleep as close as possible to their regularly scheduled bedtimes. Here's hoping it's not too much of a disaster…

What works in your house?