Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for Summer Fun!

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I am one of *those* moms.

The ones who decorate complicated cakes for every birthday.  The ones who trot out batches upon batches of freshly baked and decadently iced cupcakes at the first sign of a cupcake-less preschool event.  I own not one, but two, of those crazy double decker cupcake carriers which, of course, I use to store the 12 zillion colors of food coloring, icing tips, colored sugar, sprinkles and cupcake wrappers that I keep on hand for a cupcake emergency.

The need to frost consumes me.

I tried once, a couple of years ago, to make a batch of those cutesy Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes that I’ve seen pictures of in various magazines and on other people’s blogs.  It was a huge fail of soggy cone and over-baked cupcake.

Thanks to these directions from Betty Crocker, I realized my mistake.  The trick to the perfect Ice Cream Cone Cupcake is to fill the muffin tins with batter and bake with the cone upside down in each section.  Ah, the happiness that comes from perfecting a recipe that once flopped.

ice cream cone cupcake Collage

For the cake batter, I used my mom’s fail-safe yellow cake recipe and added in a cup of mini chocolate chips to make the cake look more ice cream like in case I decided not to frost them all.  Then, I made a batch of easy buttercream icing (basically the recipe from the side of the confectioner sugar package), swirled some on and decorate the cupcakes with a sprinkle more of chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Fun, easy and a huge hit with the kiddos (and my husband!)

betty crocker inforgraphic


For more fun summer cake decorating directions, you can check out the Betty Crocker website and follow them on pinterest .