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533 Bloggers and 1 Official Trailer for Delivery Man #deliverymanmovie


The notion of what it means to be a family is always growing and changing, as was evidenced by last week’s groundbreaking Supreme Court decision to declare DOMA unconstitutional. Families do come in all combinations, shapes and sizes…but what happens when one happy-go-lucky guy discovers that he has 533 biological children as a result of an anonymous sperm donation that he made 20 years prior?

In the movie Delivery Man, starring Vince Vaughn, one man is about to find out and be forced to make the decision whether or not to meet the 142 of his offspring who are interested in getting to know their biological dad.

As a tribute to the many kinds of families out there, 533 bloggers will be debuting the trailer for this movie at the very same moment.


Mighty Fine: Starring Andie MacDowell and Chazz Palminteri (movie review)

 Remember when you had to go to the theater for a movie screening? I was extremely privileged to have the chance to take part in an online movie screening and simultaneous chat that also included a post-screening conversation with two of the actors from the movie. How cool is that?! Even though the system had some glitches, it was a very cool experience.

That said, I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. Set in the 1970’s, “MightyFine” is the story of Joe Fine (Chazz Palminteri) who moves his family–his Holocaust surviver wife Stella (Andie MacDowell), and two daughters Natalie (Jodelle Ferland) and Maddie (Rainey Qualley)–from Brooklyn to New Orleans. Joe adores his family, spends lots of money on them that they may or may not have and has some serious anger-management problems which result in some terrifying outbursts.


The Greening of Whitney Brown–Walking the Red Carpet with Moms in the City!

Last Monday, November 7th, I was lucky enough to be one of a few bloggers strutting my way down the red carpet with the super cool ladies from Moms in the City .

It was a pretty amazing evening from start to finish! My husband, Rafi, and I hardly get a chance to go out anymore…so we were already pretty psyched to be getting dressed up and out of the house after dark 🙂