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Little known fact about me, before I was nutty enough to embark on my triple Masters degrees (no, I couldn’t just trade them in for a PhD…sigh), I double majored at NYU in Dramatic Literature (=reading plays) and Religious Studies (=comparative religion.)

What can I say…I like to read and do research.

One of the highlights of my undergrad work was the chance to take a class all about the Dead Sea Scrolls, an amazing bunch of ancient writings discovered by a shepherd in a  cave in a place called Qumran.

Generally housed in a museum in Israel, these scrolls have traveled across the world and are on display at Discovery Times Square .  Totally awesome.  They’ve even brought schlepped over a 3-ton stone from the Western Wall (Kotel) so that you can check that out too.


Random Presidents’ Day Trivia

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My kindergartener is definitely becoming a trivia buff…he wants to know everything about everything. generally at the exact moment the question pops into his head.

As a teacher, I also have an affinity for random tidbits of information. No knowledge is bad knowledge, right 😉

With Presidents’ weekend coming up, I was pretty excited to have a list of random president-related facts appear in my inbox. While I don’t think my kiddo will really care which president was which, you can never have too many interesting things to say about teeth or alligators on the playground…

Fun Facts about the Chief Executives:

A minimum of 300 billion portraits of Abraham Lincoln have been created – that’s how many pennies have been made since 1787.


Liar, Liar Pants on Fire…

OOh, boy, I feel a devils advocate coming on…

There are few things that make my head spin on it’s axis as much as coming face to face with a bold-faced liar. On the other hand, tattle-tellers also pretty much send me over the edge.

I often come face to face with this problem when I have to explain to my kids when fudging the truth is ok and when it isn’t. And then, of course, there is the sin of omission…which is sometimes the blessing of omission.

Do you have a headache yet?

Deciding when to tell the truth is hard enough for an adult, but how do you pass this information on to young children?