Hanging out with Katie Couric, Rod Stewart and My Laptop

It was pretty exciting to get the call inviting me to live tweet at The Katie Show.

Katie Couric really is the whole package…brains, beauty, hair that has finally settled into it’s own and (at least it seems so from listening to her) a really good mom.

During the warm up, Katie (who laughed repeatedly at the fact that they couldn’t come up with a more clever name for her new show) said that the audience needed to feed her some extra energy that morning. Why? Because after the presidential debate, she had to sit down with her daughter to help her write a paper about Walt Whitman and Emily Dickenson.  The woman’s priorities are clearly in place.

It was awesome to have coffee in the green room and then settle into the front row of the studio audience with my iPhone and my laptop to tweet my way through the show.

To see my take on Rod Stewart, who was one of the guests on the show, check out my post on KatieCouric,com , but please know that I did NOT choose that title.  Gak.

Rachel Maddow was there too with her commentary on the previous evening’s debate, and she is just too amazing for words. With great glasses and blue high top sneakers.  Awesome. I wish I had a picture.





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