A peek Into My Kitchen: Seeds of Change Indian Simmer sauces

Ok, Ok, I have been a terrible blogger of late.

I've been in and out…but I'm hopefully back 🙂 When I finally get around to buying a decent laptop (this week, maybe?) I should be even more reliable.

In any event, how often do you get close to dinnertime and realize that you just haven't gotten around to organizing something for your family to eat?  I'm actually pretty good at getting the cooking out of the way at the beginning of the day, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way…and I hate to resort to ordering in something more expensive and less healthy than I could make on my own.

Seeds of Change Indian Simmer Sauces have saved my disorganized tush more than once.

(here's a pic of my creamy, totally unspicey favorite–the Korma Sauce)

I get to throw some veggies and tofu in a wok, brown them and pour this sauce over them.  Add rice and I have dinner in 20 minutes! (Yes, I admit, these are the days that we have white rice because it's so much faster than brown…) It's not cheap, and I have to go my friendly neighborhood health-food store to stock up, but one does pay a price for healthy, organic convenience…and it's still cheaper than takeout.

Kosher, organic, vegetarian, commited to saving the environment as well as committed to letting me avoid planning ahead. Seriously? get these guys a medal!

**Disclaimer: I have not received anything nor have I even spoken to the company prior to writing this post.  I really just love these sauces.**