Parents as Reading Partners: Webinar today and tomorrow!

Did you know it is Jewish Book Month? Wondering how to celebrate?

What could be more important than learning how to make reading with your children a better and more fruitful experience for BOTH of you?

The Jewish Education Project and Metroimma are offering a free webinar during from 12:30-1:30 today 12/7 and tomorrow 12/8. Can’t make it to a computer at that time? You can even call in in the phone to take part!


The Art of Conversational Reading: Help Your Child Get the Most From the Books They Read

Presenter: Diane W. Frankenstein

Tomorrow 12/8:

The Parent Child Book Club: Creating a Dynamic Group Experience for All

Presenter: Melissa Stoller
Register now at:
Questions? Contact Shariee Calderone


Teaching Through Love?

Do you ever feel like your kids are out to get you?  My husband and I have been feeling a little bit like that lately…

For the first 3.5 years of his life, my son was all sweetness and light. Never a cross word, never a tantrum…seriously, a golden child.  Not even a hint of terrible twos. Nothing.

And now we seem to be in for it.

Our delicious, smart, cuddly, loving 4.5 year old has become delicious, smart, cuddly, loving and DIFFICULT.  Whining, tantrums, wild behavior–you name it. Throw in his precocious 23 month old sister and sparks of all kinds often fly. Of course, no matter how much we try to be calm and patient, yelling happens.  And, of course, when yelling starts, we always end up in a vicious cycle which ends in more yelling and fixes nothing.  The worst part of it? I have always prided myself on my extreme patience…as a teacher and as a mother.