Is Lindsey Lohan’s train-wreck a result of bad parenting?

You've got to feel for that poor girl–what a train wreck.

According to the latest reports, her sentence includes the loophole to take a variety of heavy-duty prescription meds while incarcerated.   It makes me wonder whether the courts have given up on this girl so whole-heartedly that a decision was made to keep her as incoherent as possible while she serves her sentence.

As a parent of little ones, I can't help but wonder what combination of events created the disaster that is currently Miss Lohan…and how much blame rests on the heads of her two crazy parents.  If she didn't have a megalomaniacal father who has been jailed himself and a wanna-be-teenage mom, would her situation be the same?  It's so easy to lay blame…and to say that it could never happen to my children.