Wordless Wednesday: Space Fest!

On Sunday, my family spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History Space Fest being wowed by all the amazing space-related activities.

A huge highlight was getting to design and build our very own space craft out of bubble wrap, paper and balloons to safely carry a raw egg over the side of one of the museum’s balconies.  Yep, we got to toss a bubble wrapped egg over the side…I think my 5 year old was more than a little disappointed when it made the trip safely 😉

Oh, and how many 2 1/2 year olds can honestly say that they have seen sunspots through an real telescope?  I hope she was able to focus her eyes better than I was, because I couldn’t really see a darn thing 😉


A peek Into My Kitchen: Baked French Toast



French toast is definitely a favorite family breakfast, but there are few mornings (even Sundays) when I want to stand over the stove making piece by piece and worrying about keeping them warm in the oven so that we can all eat together.

With this recipe, I slice the bread, stir the ingredients together…stick it all in the oven at one time and we can all sit down to eat french toast together 🙂



Baked French Toast


1/2 stick unsalted butter

3 Tbsp maple syrup/honey/agave nectar

2/3 c apple juice/apple cider/orange juice

4 large eggs

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

6-8 slices of challah or other bread