My Family’s Yearly Pilgrimage to Sesame Street Live #sesamestreetlive

We are huge Sesame Street fans in my house. There are few television shows that I not only find appropriate for my kids, but can actually sit through and enjoy myself–Sesame Street makes the short list.

Since my 6 1/2 year old son was about 3, every year we have gone to see our Sesame friends sing and dance on stage at Madison Square Garden. This year was his third or fourth show, and it was my 3 1/2 year old daughter’s second. It really never gets old.

And yes, once again we were suckered into buying both the popcorn and the cotton candy.

sesame street live 13 Collage


Sesame Street Live at MSG: 1, 2, 3 Imagine

Who wouldn’t like to hang out for an hour or two on Sesame Street?

One of the highlights of my family’s winter every year is to see what surprises are in store for the new production of Sesame Street Live….and of course, every year I get roped into adding a new Sesame Street Live cast recording to my CD collection 🙂


This year, kids attending the show are invited to come to the theater a hour early and play in a super fun PlayZone consisting of props and stage settings from Sesame Street. The fact that my daughter got to play on a piano like the one from Elmo’s world made running into the Subway early on a Sunday morning almost worth it 😉