Wordless Wednesday: Hawaii in New York

What Mom couldn’t use a tropical vacation?

On February 8th, I was treated to a pop-up preview of the Philadelphia International Flower Show which will take place March 4-11.  The theme this year is Hawaii: Islands of Aloha.

That last picture of the pig wasn’t part of the show…he was actually a decoration at the hotel…but standing there by the elevator, he seemed to be smirking that he had escaped the luau 😉







Wordless Wednesday: Space Fest!

On Sunday, my family spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History Space Fest being wowed by all the amazing space-related activities.

A huge highlight was getting to design and build our very own space craft out of bubble wrap, paper and balloons to safely carry a raw egg over the side of one of the museum’s balconies.  Yep, we got to toss a bubble wrapped egg over the side…I think my 5 year old was more than a little disappointed when it made the trip safely 😉

Oh, and how many 2 1/2 year olds can honestly say that they have seen sunspots through an real telescope?  I hope she was able to focus her eyes better than I was, because I couldn’t really see a darn thing 😉


Wordless Wednesday: Yes, We Have No Bedbugs…

Ok, this isn't really wordless.
We had a bedbug scare on Friday. My daughter had a couple of unidentifiable bites and a good friend was hit with an infestation, so we panicked. Yup, we quite literally brought in the dogs. Thank God my husband was able to take the day off from work to help pull apart the apartment!
I am happy to say that neither the visual inspection nor the cute doggie found anything at all. Phew.
I still have the heebie jeebies from the whole thing.

Wordless Wednesday: Yes, We Have No Bedbugs...