Astroturf and Zit Cream are Tax Sheltered. Breast Feeding Supplies are not.

Scary that the IRS gets to decide what is considered 'preventive care.'

It was reported in the New York Times today that breastfeeding supplies will still not be eligible purchases under flexible spending accounts. 

To make matters worse, a whole host of more esoteric things will be covered–like the replacement of natural grass with astroturf as a way to alleviate the suffering of allergic folk.  Oh, yes, and zit cream is considered a more worthy expense as well.


Uhm, I would like to suggest that this new disclaimer should be included in the fine print in those annoying tv and print ads:


The ‘Breast is Best’ Backlash from the Similac Recall

Can't we all just get along?

In the wake of last week's Simulac recall, there has been an enormous preponderance of "Breast is Best" and "Breast milk Never Gets Recalled" comments all over the media. Why must a formula recall  bring such smugness and feelings of superiority in so many pro-breastfeeding advocates?

Yes, in the best of all possible situations, breast milk is probably what's best for babies.  Best situation includes a healthy full term baby, a mother who is able to take proper care of herself and has access to the help she needs to get her nursing off to the right start, a mother who has the desire to breast feed and will not completely resent her baby and so on and so forth.