Traveling Game Time: Spot it! and Tell Tale Fairy Tales

As a New York City mom, I am always on the go with my children.  We take subway day trips on the weekends, and are often running from one place to another.  I love the Blue Orange series of games which consist of game cards in cute metal tins–no extra mini pieces to lose!

Spot it! and Tell Tale Fairy Tales are two of my favorites.


Chickyboom: A Hilarious Chicken Balancing Game from Blue Orange Games




Players 2-4

Ages 4+

I have one child who has not yet preschool and another who has just finished Kindergarten, and it is no easy feat to find games that they can play well together.

Chickyboom is a simple balancing game–the object of the game is to line up and then remove, the brightly colored wooden chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales, one by one from the platform without tipping everything over and creating a mess.

Before my children would even play the game, they immediately began to create silly stories using the irresistible purple chicken game pieces.  The game pieces are not only super cute, but are constructed solidly out of wood and feel nice in the hand.