Beyond Coastal Sun Care (Review and Giveaway)







It seems that I am on the go and running after my kids all summer long. Since we are in NYC, being outside (except for the occasional day trip) means lots and lots of time in various playgrounds around the city.

I run after my kids in the grass, on concrete and asphalt, catch them at the bottom of slides, push them on swings and chase them through sprinklers.

One thing (among many 😉 that terrifies me is sunburn. I am always looking for a great sunscreen for my family that will protect all of us and keep us safe. It’s pretty scary that, of late, there have been warnings against so many of the ingredients in the sunscreens that we usually buy. I was happy to get the chance to try out Beyond Coastal ‘s sun care line because it is on the EWG‘s list of approved sunscreens.