Tiny Love Wind Chime Voluntary Recall

Tiny Love has decided to recall many of their baby wind chimes, including:

  • Baby Wind Chime (item #493)
  • Baby Wind Chime – Ocean (item #593)
  • Tiny Smarts – Baby Bunny (item #512)
  • Wind Chime – Duck (part of Gymini Total Playground
    Kick and Play – item #00811)
  • Wind Chime – Louie (item #516)
  • Wind Chime – Ella (item #517)
  • Tiny Smarts Gift Set (item #539)
  • You can see pictures of these items on the Tiny Love recall site 
    The affected products were sold from 2002 onward.

    Though no major injuries were reported, there were a handful of cases in which the plastic casing of the chimes opened up and exposed the metal rods inside, posing puncture, choking and laceration hazards.

    Tiny Love is asking consumers to stop using these
    items, and to contact them directly to receive a free
    replacement toy of equal value and a small shipping rebate. 

    Tiny Love can be
    reached at 888-791-8166
    (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Eastern Time), or via the Tiny Love website. You can also email them at customerservice@tinyloveusa.com

    To see the official recall notice go to the CPSC website