Once upon a time, in the land of Jdeal…

Once upon a time, in a land much closer than far away, there was a silly monkey.

This Monkey had a Mama who used to think money grew on trees, until she was lucky enough to marry her handsome prince and be blessed with the aforementioned monkey and his sister, a lovely Ladybug.

Times were tight and pennies were pinched, but Mama, smart and classy as she was, did not want to give up her gourmet eats, fabulous toys and stylin' clothes…

One day, when the Mama was sitting at home pinching her pennies, a wondrous miracle occurred.

It was not a Fairy Godmother knocking at her door, nor a winning lottery ticket falling in her lap…but a website full of seriously surprising daily deals which offered her a way to glamorously feather her nest, stock her larder and fill her brain with knowledge–all for a fraction of the published cost.

And, they all lived happily and frugally after.

Nope, not quite the end of this tale, folks.


Who am I? Wife of 1, and mom of 2, trying to make every dollar count.

What am I doing here? Jdeal needs a brand ambassador…and this mama wants the job.

Where? I live in the heart of Manhattan, where the bulk of Jdeals are currently focused.

When? The winner of the Jdeal Battle of the Bloggers contest for the Jdeal Ambassador will be announced tomorrow night at a fancy schmancy launch party but the deals come to your inbox every day…

Why Jdeal? Seriously, who doesn't love a deal? Why me? As a kosher-keeping mom in my 30's with the ear of those who read my blog and follow me on twitter @peekababy and all of my other undercover twitter personalities, I know what it's like to both want it all and not to be able to afford even half of it.  A site like Jdeal.com helps me stretch my change, and I'd love to be able to spread the word to those just like me 🙂

And the Mama of the Monkey and the Ladybug lived with her Handsome Prince in the land of Jdeal, of which she was now the Ambassador, and it was good to behold.

 **Disclaimer: This post is my entry in the finals of the Jdeal Battle of the Bloggers contest to win a prize that is $1500+.  It is, however, an honest assessment of their website…as well as a truthful depiction of the fairytale that is my life ;)**

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