Twister Rave Rings and Skip-it


twister rings & skip-it

Leave it to Hasbro to reinvent two more games that we’ve all been playing since the dawn of time…or, at the very least, sometime in the 80’s.

Twister Rave Skip-It

Who didn’t have one of the old-fashioned skip-its (or some knock-off thereof) ?  You know, that loop that you put your foot in so that you can jump over an attached plastic ball as you simultaneously flick it into a circle?  Yup, I was pretty terrible at it back in the day…and I’m here to tell you that I have not gained much coordination with age.

In the redux version, as you spin the skip-it around your foot and hop over it it glows in turn in each of the twister colors.  As you continue to swing (unless, alas, like me you just trip) you go through a million or so levels…unless you stop to catch your breath and it resets you back to level 1.

At 4 and 6 3/4, my kids are still a bit young for this…but they certainly gave it their all.  They then, shortly thereafter, decided that it was more fun to swing it around their arms in the air in a darkened room.  (This is actually a really fun version for younger kids, just make sure that they are a few giant steps away from each other!)

Twister Rave Ringz

Remember “Miss Mary Mack” and “Am Pom Pee”?

How much more fun could they be with a disco vibe?

You start your clapping game with your rings on red and attempt to finish all of your hand movements by the time they turn to green.

Even though my kids aren’t really there yet, they have had an absolute ball making up clapping games together and racing themselves from red to green–sometimes by themselves and sometimes with a ring on each one of them.  As much as I hate creative misspellings (would it have been so hard to call them Twister Rave Rings?!), these are a great, portable game at under $8.00 retail.  And, even through they contain flashing lights, they are totally quiet.  No actually disco music 😉

**Disclaimer: I received a sample in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.**