Traveling Game Time: Spot it! and Tell Tale Fairy Tales

As a New York City mom, I am always on the go with my children.  We take subway day trips on the weekends, and are often running from one place to another.  I love the Blue Orange series of games which consist of game cards in cute metal tins–no extra mini pieces to lose!

Spot it! and Tell Tale Fairy Tales are two of my favorites.

Spot it! is kind of like an old school matching game, but way more challenging and fun. Every single card in the deck has at least one image that matches an image on every other card.  There are many different incarnations of the game, but basically players are challenged to see who can make a match first.  Of course, this being a Blue Orange game, game play can be as competitive or cooperative as each group of players decides. I am both embarrassed and proud to say that my children seem to beat me every time!  Because you can play as many or as few rounds as you want, Spot it! makes a great restaurant game–a card or two keeps my kids calm and focused while they are waiting for their food to appear.

Tell Tale Fairy Tales is 120 fantasy picture cards of open ended story telling fun! I cannot even tell you how many play dates this game has saved–when two kids have nothing to say to each other or can’t think of anything to do, the lure of creating a story with these cards always seems to do the trick.  While there is a possibility to have each player create their own story, my kids are still both pretty young and so I’ve found that cooperative storytelling seems to work the best.  Now that my son is starting first grade, I also anticipate these story cards helping spark his imagination when he has something creative to write for school! I also particularly appreciate that while there are princesses in this deck, there are plenty of possibilities for them to rescue themselves and create their own happily every after.

These cute little games are such a lifesaver so often in my travels around the city that they will be two of the first items that I pack into any travel carry-on for any longer family trip!

**Disclaimer: I received a sample of each of these games for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.**